God Bless the Whole World

About this site

God Bless the Whole World is a free online educational resource that provides tools for personal and social transformation. The site feature hundreds of videos, audio files, articles and courses on social justice, spiritual activism, counter oppression, environmentalism and self care among many others. We bring you the voices, ideas and insights from today’s leading spiritual teachers, activists, religious leaders and change makers.

While our name uses spiritual language we are welcoming to humanist, agnostic and atheist perspectives. We recognize that the critical change needed cannot be limited to any single religious or political group. This site is as equally dedicated to promoting spiritual values such as love, generosity and compassion as it is to ending systems of domination such as patriarchy, capitalism and racism. And we strive to include diverse perspectives on methods for social change as we recognize there are many differing ideas which all have something to contribute.